OXYwatt grapefruit

OXYwatt grapefruit

Fresh, natural flavour of grapefruit closed in the tin. Just take a few breaths and you feel like a newborn. Do you suffer from insomnia or stress? With OXYwatt it is past. Providing oxygen to the body helps to relax, because it slows down your pulse and reduces blood pressure within minutes, allowing you to fall asleep in calmly and blissfully way. Pure oxygen lowers the level of stress during a nervous day at work. Moreover, it also provides you the increase of concentration and memory improvement during the study or the exam. OXYwatt helps increase your alertness and concentration during long, monotonous journeys, in order to all passengers could feel safe. A few deep breaths will make you feel refreshed and fully ready for action!
After a crazy, party night you no longer have to worry about the morning hangover. It happens due to of the amount of oxygen you apply to your organism. The more oxygen you apply to your organism, the faster alcohol is eliminated. One molecule of oxygen helps to remove up to three molecules of alcohol. Find out today about the properties of oxygen closed in the tin.

OXYwatt contains 95% pure oxygen when the oxygen content in the air is approx. 21%. The difference is really huge, see for yourself!

Product specification:

  • The container with a convenient applicator in the form of dedicated masks
  • Polish production
  • As much as 95% of pure oxygen is closed in a compact and light tin, so you can have it always with you
  • 1 container = approx. 100 deep breaths
  • 1 container it is 5 liters of gaseous oxygen
  • Reliable German valves
  • Swiss high quality containers with antibacterial coating gold on the inside
  • Wonderful aroma of juicy grapefruit

Available in cartons of 12 pieces or mix (a carton of 12 cans, 6 pieces of mint and grapefruit).